Since 1961 when breast implants were introduced to the aesthetic marketplace much has changed. Through advancement and modifications, five generations of implants have evolved over a 60 year span. The initial fill was with saline then silicone and now cohesive gel. Implants are under-filled to provide a softer touch. Cohesive gel is often referred to as the “gummie bear” implant and used in anatomical shaped implants or “tear drop”. These three continue to be available with silicone being the most popular.

Texturing evolved to hold implants in position but soon it was discovered a significant reduction in the incidence of capsular contracture with textured implants in the sub-glandular position.

It’s worthy to remember that test standards by a manufacturer are not recognized nationally or internationally. When considering having an augmentation mammoplasty its best to discuss the procedure and implant selection that is best for you with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Consultations are complimentary for Cosmetic Surgery, call 989-893-9393 to make an appointment